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SOS SUD is a cry for help. We are an education-focused, nonprofit organization that is willing to partner with national and international entities to keep students in school, help the Haitian youth to go to school, track and giveaway scholarships to the graduates, and help in continuing education through seminars. We are a diverse network of professionals who are determined to confront the inequitable system by asking unwavering commitment of all sectors of society to create opportunities in the new educational system. SOS SUD is fighting for the aspirations of the students and their families.


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Our achievements


Distribution d'équipements de volley ball á trois clubs du Departement du Sud

Honor and Merit

Pour commémorer ses cinq années de service dans le département du Sud d'Haiti. L'organisation SOS SUD HAITI , dans le soucis de mettre en relief les femmes et les hommes qui ont servi dignement leur communauté, avait honoré les sieurs :  Marc Antoine Dominique, Toyo Jocelyn and Pierre Leger.

Ours Projects

South first!


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The bookmobile, a project aimed at providing the southern department of Haiti with mobile libraries to allow everyone the opportunity to perfect their…

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Youth House (Les Cayes)

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"La Maison de la Jeunesse" is a space dedicated to young people to facilitate their development through games and other tools focused on personal…

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Cleaning the streets of the city of Les Cayes

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Consists of cleaning the streets of the city of Les Cayes in order to train our young people in communotary services by volunteering.

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Donate Hearthquake


In an effort to help alleviate the needs of the citizens in the South of Haiti after the powerful 7.2 earthquake that took place on August 14, 2021, SOS SUD is raising funds to provide food/water, temporary shelter.


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