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Our history

SOS SUD is a cry for help. We are an education-focused, nonprofit organization that is willing to partner with national and international entities to keep students in school, help the Haitian youth to go to school, track and giveaway scholarships to the graduates, and help in continuing education through seminars. We are a diverse network of professionals who are determined to confront the inequitable system by asking unwavering commitment of all sectors of society to create opportunities in the new educational system. SOS SUD is fighting for the aspirations of the students and their families.

Achieving such grand vision cannot be done alone. It will take a broad and diverse coalition of individuals and organizations, which may differ in affiliations, experiences, identities, and political and religious views. We ought to be united around a shared purpose, as well as a set of values. SOS SUD stands ready to realize the inclusiveness that we envision for our youth through diversity. We do it because we know that together with partners throughout the educational ecosystem, local organizations, and the international organizations, we can help achieve measurable student growth in and out of schools. We all know that a country’s future depends on how much you invest on education and your youths.

There is no future for Haiti without its youth, which is deprived of the basics of an educational system to be successful in life. The education system is not designed to enable most children to succeed or to realize their potential nor achieve their dreams. The few schools available are outdated, and most of them without libraries and adequate didactic materials needless to say sports facilities. As the educational system is inadequate, student will pay the price of this inadequacy if nothing is done to reassess the current situation and remedies the problem. A modern education is a must if we want Haiti’s youths to be competitive and successful in this 21century. SOS Sud cries for the South of Haiti in particular, and for Haiti in general. SOS SUD will seek out and recruits educators to join forces to promote a new educational system. They become members committed to teaching and organizing seminars in the Southern Peninsula of Haiti. With grounded leadership and hard work we can expand opportunity for all.